How it all began... 

Rhose has always had compassion for children especially since growing up in the Philippines. In 2006, a minister prophesied over Rhose stating that she would have more kids, vividly picturing her in a garden caring for many children. Rhose dismissed the prophecy thinking it was concerning her giving birth to more babies of her own. In October of 2011, Rhose had a vision of an orphanage. She then realized what the prophecy meant and had been taking shape over the previous five years.

Just months prior in Spring of 2011, as Scott and Rhose were preparing to attend Rhose's family reunion in Olongapo City, Philippines, the Holy Spirit led Rhose to also plan a day of ministry outreach while there. In obedience, they began to reach out to trusted Filipino ministry leaders. Together they identified a population of indigenous people who live in a remote mountainous region. A local pastor to that region began to prepare the people for the day of outreach. With the financial support of friends, family, and ministry partners from the U.S., the team led the people in praise and worship, preached the Word of God, provided a hot meal to all attendees, and donated bags of non-perishable food items to each head of household present. The outreach event was a sure success. Since that time, God has continued to give shape to the vision He gave Rhose.

After praying with Scott on how to move forward, Rhose decided to quit her job so they could be fully committed to this vision. Now the Boyers are stepping out into what they believe God is leading them to do. Hence, JRF is born.


  • Build home to begin housing both boys & girls of the Philippines without families or homes of their own.
  • Provide the abandoned, neglected and tribal children with a loving environment and a nurturing place to call home for their protection, guidance and security. These children will be prepared for life in their community as valuable, contributing members who demonstrate strong Christian values.
  • To produce Christ-like disciples that bear the enduring fruit that Jesus spoke of in John 15.


Jasmine Rhose Foundation is committed to physically and spiritually nourish abandoned, neglected and orphaned children; to demonstrate love and bring hope with the intention of them becoming a positive impact on their environment.

 Jasmine Rhose Foundation is committed to physically and spiritually
nourish abandoned, neglected and orphaned children in the Philippines;


 to demonstrate love and bring hope with the intention
of them becoming a positive impact on their environment.


Scott & Rhose Boyer (Founders)

Scott and Rhose have been married since 2001 and have 2 children, Jasmine and Isaiah.

Scott stays busy doing prison ministry and various outreaches throughout the community, but nothing beats face to face evangelism. He is a full time flight attendant for a major airline which “has been tailor made for him” because of all the different types of people he gets to meet. He has written a book and has a website, www.GodinHD.com.

Rhose has had a desire to help unfortunate children since she was a child. She was born and raised in the Philippines where she witnessed children sleeping in cardboard boxes, left abandoned on the streets. She currently is involved with her husband in outreach ministry. She also homeschools her children and is working on her first book. JRF is something she is fully committed to see brought to fruition, having quit her full time job as a bank manager. The Boyers are stepping out to deeper waters of faith and trusting God to do big things through them and all that partner with them.


Megan Kauffman

Megan has spent the past nine years in the education field teaching Middle School and High School at Valeo Academy in Hoffman Estates, IL. She was also the Senior Preparatory School Director focusing on curriculum development and youth mentoring. She has led several youth mission trips both international and domestic. She and her husband currently serve in outreach and discipleship ministry at their local church in Northern Wisconsin. Megan's heart beats for a fresh and creative blend of evangelism and discipleship together to help others discover the true nature of God and grow in their true identity in Jesus Christ. She is excited about the vision and mission of the JRF and shares the Boyers' passion to love & care for the fatherless and orphans.

Jason Ferguson

Jason Ferguson is an interdisciplinary Emergency Management and Public Health professional with over 17 years of professional experience. Throughout his career, Jason has fostered safe, healthy, and vibrant communities on university campuses; increased access to affordable medications and housing for under-resourced individuals living with HIV/AIDS; helped military veterans reintegrate civilian life by training them for domestic and international disaster response missions; and assisted hundreds of communities in the cycle of preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating against disasters of all types. Jason currently serves as an Emergency Management Consultant with Constant Associates. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and children.



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